domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

Errores de evaluación de los entrevistadores

Buenas Tardes a Todos!

Antes de una entrevista de trabajo, todo el mundo busca siempre en Internet las probables preguntas que nos podrían hacer y siempre vamos mirando que errores tendríamos que evitar. Esta vez os quiero proponer algo que casi nunca se encuentra, o sea los errores de evaluación en los cuales los entrevistadores podrían caer.
El texto, en inglés, es un extracto del articulo “Hiring the best: The Role of the Human Assetes” de la Harvard Business School Press.
Quien quiera leer el articulo al completo, me lo puede pedir en clase.

Even though you may take a structured, methodical approach to
evaluating your candidates, the evaluation process is still, in the end,
subjective. You can neutralize some of that subjectivity by avoiding:
• Being overly impressed with maturity or experience, or overly
unimpressed by youth and immaturity
• Confusing a quiet, reserved, or calm demeanor for lack of
• Mistaking the person’s ability to play “the interview game,” or
his or her ability to talk easily, for intelligence or competence
• Allowing personal biases to influence your assessment (for
example, you might be tempted to judge someone harshly
because she reminds you of someone you dislike)
• Looking for a friend or for a reflection of yourself in the
• Assuming that graduates of certain institutions or employees of
certain organizations are automatically better qualified
• Giving too much weight to familiarity with the jargon of your
• Focusing only on one or two key strengths and overlooking the
absence of others
• Failing to value the motivation to get ahead

Andrea Dell’Era - Grupo 71

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